client id

The client will listen for remote control messages with this identifier:



scroll left
scroll right
scroll up
scroll down
shift ↑zoom in
shift ↓zoom out
s Simage sequence / still
ttunnel/zoom sequence (in)
Ttunnel/zoom sequence (out)
shift ⟵pallete scroll down
shift →palette scroll up
bblend mode


+ -speed up / down
ctrl ⟵nudge left
ctrl →nudge right
ctrl ↑nudge up
ctrl ↓nudge down
zzoom out (when in scrolling mode)
shift zzoom in (when in scrolling mode)
[ ]blend bias up/down
nnext image
dtoggle dot effect
qdecrease dot scale
wincrease dot scale
gtoggle glitch effect
itoggle interpolation mode
Itoggle invert effect
ftoggle fps overlay
Fadvance a single "frame"
0-9choose image set {n}
cview/change client id
k | ?show/hide keys

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